The Company has a policy to protect all groups of stakeholders by setting up measures for whistleblowing and mechanisms to protect the informers to accept the complaints in the event of violations of rights from illegal acts or code of conduct, comments or any suggestions including behaviors that may imply corruption or misconduct of individuals in the organization both the company’s employees and other stakeholders. The Company has disclosed the process and whistleblowing channels on the Company’s website and the annual report. In this regard, the informer can directly submit the report to the Chairman of the Audit Committee through the following channels.

    • E-mail : Auditcommittee@lh.co.th
    • Submit by post to the Chairman of the Audit Committee ; No.1, Q House Lumpini Building, 37-38 floor, South Sathorn Road, Thungmahame, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120.

    For employees, the Company provides a direct channel to contact with the Head of Internal Audit or the Management to report the complaints or in the case that encountering a matter that may be an offense or a violation of ethical conduct which may affect employees, other stakeholders and the company. The company has a process to deal with complaints from employees including measures to protect employees who complain, investigating facts for fairness to all parties by considering whether the employee’s complaint is considered an offense or not, and the level of fault to determine the penalties for the wrongdoing with a department or fact-checking team and summarize the details of the matter to report to the Audit Committee for further consideration.

    The Company has established guidelines for the protection of whistleblowers by giving importance to collecting information and identity of the whistleblower or the complainant and the accused are confidential and will only disclose the necessary information to the designated persons, taking into account safety and the damage of the informant or related persons in order to build confidence for the complainant The audit committee or independent director is the recipient of the complaint. and report to the Board.