Sustainability Performance

Sustainability Management in Social Dimensions

Social Policy and Practice

The Company has a policy to conduct its business with social responsibility which lead to sustainable development and to place the importance as one of the core policies of the Company, to manage according to the principles of good governance, responsibilities to stakeholders, recognition and giving importance to and support activities to create values for the community and society. The guidelines are set as follow:

Human Rights

The Company has complied with the human rights principles. Directors, executives, and all employees have strictly followed these principles and regarded them as core practices by considering equality, freedom, dignity, and rights of all people without any discrimination based on race, nationality, language, religion, gender , age, or education. The company does not support any activities that violate any universal human rights.


  1. Closely supervise to ensure that the Company’s business does not involve in human rights violations such as child labor or sexual harassment.
  2. Take good care of employees and their well-being by giving them fair compensation, welfare, education, promotion, and training continually in both short and long term as well as health and sanitation, safety of property and at work, safe and appropriate working environment, including inspecting the cases of unfair practices which may occur in the company.
  3. Respect the confidentiality of customers, business partners and employees by treating it secretly and not disseminating any information to unrelated parties or departments, nor disclosing the information to the public. Any disclosures or transfers of confidential information can only be done with the consent of the owners.
  4. Terms and conditions in employment contracts are appropriate and fair.
  5. Enable equal employment opportunities including opportunities for people with disabilities.
  6. Treat all employees and stakeholders equally, indiscriminately, respectfully, and respect everybody’s opinions.
  7. Specify in the Code of Conduct of employees to behave in a suitable manner for their duties and positions and refrain from not blaming others or the organization without truth.

The success of the organization is driven by human resources. The Company therefore places significant importance to focus on rewarding, developing, and promoting employees in all forms to care, protect and retain them by means of performance or building the strong organizational culture to be passed on from generation to generation regarding the changes of the situations and social conditions. The Company focuses on the importance of respecting for human rights by complying with the principles of human rights in accordance with the Thai labor standards of the Ministry of Labor, emphasizing respects for human rights fairly, equitably and without any discrimination in terms of employment, compensation, promotion, training, development, and hiring without discrimination in gender, age, educational institutions, race, and religion.

In 2021, the Company had no labor disputes and human rights violations.

Employees and Workers

Personnel Management


The Company has a fair employment policy for all employees. Both current and new employees will be treated equally and equitably regard their knowledge and capability, diligence, determination, and good attitude towards the organization with no gender limit. There are equal chances to being considered for higher performance and position levels.

In addition, job applicants who meet all qualification requirements and the specified selection criteria will receive equal opportunities for employment of regardless educational institutions, race, and religion, and will receive the compensation appropriately to their career and position. They are also be treated equally under the labor law which the Company adheres strictly in compliance.

In 2021, the Company has employed 785 full-time and contract employees, classified by types as follows:

Type of employment 2021
Male Female
Full-time employees 389 371
Contract employees 22 3
Total 785 persons

In 2021, the Company’s turnover rate was 7%.

Local employment

As the Company has expanded its business to various regions which requires personnel to work; therefore, local employees are recruited which is considered creating jobs for the community and providing opportunities to those who want to take care of their families up close. It also creates a love and bond in the one’s hometown. The number of local employees and executives are as follows:

Number of local employments in 2021

Number of employees Work Location Personnel from Central Office Local Employment
Executives Employees Executives Employees
50 North - - 5 45
46 Northeast 1 0 5 40

Compensation and Welfare Management

Principles of setting wages and compensations for employees

The Company recognizes that employees is the significant element of its success, so it has treated every employee fairly and equitably by providing appropriate and fair compensation and welfare. The Company has set rates for hiring new employees for all positions by considering the education levels, knowledge, competence, and experience regard the desired positions. To ensure that the company's salary structure is reasonable and competitive in the same industry, employment compensation rate in the labor market is surveyed and to be used in the preparation of wage, welfare, benefits, and bonus structure allocated to employees.

The Company payroll and benefits is set above the minimum wage required by law. This is to ensure and motivate the decision to join working with the organization. As for the annual raise, the employees’ performance appraised by the supervisors, the cost-of-living index and the performance of the Company will be considered in determining the salary increase and bonus allocation. The annual salary adjustment and bonus allocation for employees is set once a year.

Employee Compensation

The Company has provided welfare and benefits for employees and their families, considering the basic factors in living, and working conditions as a criterion for determinations. The Company has allocated compensations to the employees as follow:

  • Salary
  • Bonus
  • Provident Fund
  • Medical insurance coverage of Inpatient (IPD) and Outpatient (OPD)
  • Inpatient (IPD) medical insurance coverage for employees’ legitimate spouse and children
  • Annual health check-up program arranged according to the age of employees
  • Group life insurance policies with coverage of 500,000-1,500,000 Baht
  • Accident Insurance
  • Annual Dental Expense Claim
  • Uniforms for both male and female employees
  • Financial assistance for various occasions such as wedding ceremony and hosting funeral of employees and their family members
  • Additional support for employees as deemed appropriate and up to situations
  • Maternity gifts
  • Master’s degree scholarship for executives to promote and support learning as well as to develop their potential
  • Scholarships for operational level employees’ children every year
  • Leave days; sick leave, business leave, vacation, ordination leave, maternity leave, etc.
  • Discounts from purchasing the Company’s products.
  • Funds to support the activities within each department such as annual vacation trip and the New Year party
  • Additional holidays to those required by law
  • The recreation room; “The SKAPE” located at the Head Office, providing drinks, snacks, and game activities for employees
  • Exercise room, for Yoga and Aerobics
  • Shower room for after exercise
  • Hygienic face masks and hand sanitizers
  • The awards in form of certificates and gold are given to the employees who have served the Company for 10, 20, and 30 years as a gesture of gratitude and to honor their dedication for the Company

The Company has set up the Welfare Committee to represent the employees in discussing the welfare provisions for the employees with the Company. This committee functions as an intermediary to convey the employees’ welfare requirements to the Company, discuss and provide suggestions on the welfare arrangements that the Company provides to its employees.

In addition, the Company grants the rights to maternity leave. The Company always takes care of its employees consistently no matter what situations they are in by executing more than required by law. This is to promote the love and the ties of family institution. When employees are treated well, they are encouraged to resume and dedicate to work.

Exercise of maternity leave in year 2021 (unit : person)

Classified by Regions Year 2021
Maternity Leave Exercised Resumed to work after the leave Percentage of Work Resumed
Bangkok and Vicinities 12 12 100%
Northern Region 2 2 100%
Northeastern Region 2 2 100%
Total 16 16 100%

Provident Fund

The Company has established a provident fund for its employees with the purpose of creating the saving guarantee for employees and their families after retirement. Joining as a member of the provident fund is voluntary. Employees voluntarily contribute at the rate of 2-7% of their monthly salary and the Company also contributes its portion at the rate of 5-7% of their employees’ monthly salary. This registered provident fund is managed by a licensed fund manager and complies with the Act on Provident Funds B.E. 2542 (1999).

In 2021, the Company contributed to the fund for the employees at the amount of 36 million Baht. The total number of employee fund members is 744 persons.

The Company’s Contribution to the Provident Fund

Transaction Unit 2021
Amount contributing to the provident fund Million Baht 36
Number of employee members Persons 744
Percentage contributed by the Company % 5-7
Percentage accumulated by employees % 2-7

The fund payment for terminated members is divided into 3 criteria as follow:

  1. In the case of resigning from the Company
  2. In the case of resigning from the provident fund membership, but not from the Company. Employees can re-join the membership of the fund after 1 year, which is in accordance with the provident fund regulations
  3. In the case of death

The Company’s Provident Fund return rates subject to the length of the employees’ employment.

Working Years (years) Return Rate (%)
Form Employee’s accumulation From Company’s Contribution
Less than 1 year 100 0
1 to 3 years 100 50
3 years up 100 100

The Company recognizes and foresees the importance of its personnel which profoundly affects the success of Company’s business and always keeps in mind that to achieve its goals, the employees must be trained and developed systematically and continuously, and it is not only the responsibility of the Company but also of every employee. The Company then provides opportunities for its employees to learn and develop themselves for growth in their career path , and at the same time, the employees must take their own responsibility for their own success which will arise from such training and development opportunities with sincere commitment.

Thus, to ensure that the training and development programs are conducted along with the directions of the company's management and to accomplish the predetermined policy, the Company has established the “Human Resource Development Center” to be responsible for all essential activities for such training and personnel development.

Human Resource Development Policy

  1. The Company regards the human resources as the most valuable assets over all management resources. All employees will be trained and developed systematically and continually to have knowledge, attitude, and skill to perform tasks as needed to meet their job requirements so they can make progress in career paths, though the preparedness of each employee is also the key concerned.
  2. The Company views that all expenses regarding the training and human resource development are the Company’s investment in its personnel which is important for the efficient implementations to achieve the core missions and operating objectives while support the Company to timely keep up with rapid change in modern technologies used in the operations.
  3. The Company emphasizes the importance to the training on both Line and Function programs for the operational, the supervisory and the executive levels, including Special & Supporting program, to prepare its employees to be capable to perform their duties and responsibilities for both present position and for their future challenges and responsibilities
  4. The Company is aware of the necessity of human resource training and development as the significant tools for Improvements. Therefore, it promotes and supports the organizing of trainings and seminars to solve any problems involving in the operations of each department and project groups.
  5. The Company recognizes that all levels of supervisors shall have an important role in training and developing their subordinates through on-the-job training and/or coaching. So, the evaluation of the supervisors will also take into consideration their capability to help improve and develop their subordinates.
  6. The Company shall support the cooperation with educational institutions and other organizations in the areas of training and development such as to cooperate for the job study program or internship and also engage in academic cooperation. These activities represent the Company’s Social Responsibility and helps to enhance its good Corporate Image.

Personnel Skills and Knowledge Development Plans

The Company explores the needs for training and development, designs and develops courses in line with the Company’s business goals and operational performance of all target employees at all levels from the operational, supervisory, and management levels in both line and support operations to be able to perform the responsible tasks effectively and efficiently.

Training for New Recruits

For new employees, the Company holds an orientation on their first day at work, so they are aware of the policies, regulations, rules, and orders, as well as corporate structure and fundamental corporate culture including Company’s welfare and benefits. Each year, a New Friends Seminar is held so that the new employees shall have a chance to know their colleagues, senior colleagues, and executives, which will strengthen the good relationship among the employees, build engagement to the Company including how to work as a team.

Training for all Employee

The Company consistently supports the skill and working competency development by organizing the training at all levels including in-house training program, inviting experts to conduct training at the Company, sending employees for external training which also cover overseas training and business trips to enhance the potential, knowledge, and capabilities of the employees in developing the organization to sustainable success.

The Company has designed both internal and external training courses as follow:


  1. Basic Skill Training for New Employees (BASIC SKILLS: BS)
  2. People Management Skills (MANAGING PEOPLE SKILLS: MPS)
  3. Advanced management skills for managerial level (ADVANCED MANAGEMENT SKILLS: AMS)


  1. Training courses on specific skills for Line Operations Staff ( Sales / Engineers / Service)
  2. Training courses on practical knowledge for Supportive Operations Staff


  1. Group Activities to develop teamwork values (POWER OF WE)
  2. Cross-functional learning activities

4. MENTAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM to improve the efficiency and pleasure in working through meditation practice. This is the fundamental training for consciousness and spiritual exercise combined with daily behavior practice both at work and at home. This project is provided to employees at all levels and is considered as a basic course to be used in their working. In addition, the Company also focuses on developing employees to learn and acquire necessary skills in a non-classroom format such as On-the-Job Training (OJT) and coaching as well as to build quality internal instructors to transfer the knowledge, advice and encourage employees to learn all the time which is the way of shaping and building culture of sharing and exchanging the learning among each other in the organization concretely.

In 2021, employees received an average of 14 hours of training / person / year, decreased from the previous year due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Company’s budget for training and development was 16 million Baht.


The Company recognizes that employees are key success factors that lead the organization to success, therefore it strives to develop the safety management system, occupational health and working environment to comply with the relevant laws and regulations to prevent and mitigate risks and hazards at work and to prevent loss or impact on employees and related stakeholders.

Guidelines and Practices

Caring for employees and labor

The Company emphasizes the importance of maintenance, improvement, and development the security and sanitation systems and the working environment, to ensure safety for life, health, and property of the employees and for their good sanitation including to support and promote good culture and atmosphere at the workplace and determines to develop human resources with knowledge and conscious mind about safety and sanitation.

For employees and workers at the construction sites, the Company focuses on the importance of the safety in life, health, and property of workers in all project sites and provides workers with safety and good occupational health in their work which will affect their morale as well as the quality of work. The Company also considers the impacts on employees, workers as well as communities, societies, and environment in nearby areas.

In addition, the Company organizes trainings on standards of supervising construction for engineers and related parties to create understanding and awareness of safety for life, health, and property.

Promotion and prevention of employees’ safety at work and good health are conducted as follows:

  • Provide workplace for employees considering safety and working environment with sanitation and a pleasant working atmosphere.
  • Organize safety training, occupational health and working environment to employees. Pre-Test and Post-Test are conducted
  • Fire drills / first aid trainings are held every year.
  • Finger-scanning system are installed and used at the Head Office and all site offices to prevent the entrance and exit from unauthorized people.
  • Annual health checkup for permanent and contract employees.

In 2021, there was no work break incurred from employee accidents from working.

Measures to Prevent the Spread of the COVID-19 Epidemic

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic that has occurred in 2020 and continued onwards, the Company, in 2021 has provided 2,400 doses of vaccine and managed for each employee to be vaccinated for 2 doses. The Company has also reserved more vaccines which will be provided as the booster doses for employees. In addition, the Company has set the strict monitoring measures to take care of, prevent and control the spread out that may exist from both outside and inside the Company. The measures and guidelines are as follows:

  • Established a “LH COVID-19 CENTER” working group which comprises of executives and employees’ representatives to check and keep track on each employee’s health status and travel history on a daily basis survey as well as to act as a center for both inside and outside the organization communication.
  • Prepare a manual for COVID-19 infected employees and their families about the implementation and coordination of all steps to get into the proper treatment system including other useful information on the COVID-19 epidemic situation.
  • Conduct daily screening of employees and visitors by installing body temperature thermometers at the office entrances. Disinfectant sprays, hand washing alcohol gel are provided in all buildings, offices, and model houses. In addition, the communal areas must be cleaned regularly by disinfecting all material surface and contact points.
  • Provide personal hygiene supplies such as face mask, hand washing alcohol gel for employees , customers and all residents.
  • Provide the information technology system support; equipment and applications for online- working to employees.
  • Arrange for employees to work from home without traveling to the office in order to reduce the congestion in the workplace and the risky chance to the spreading disease.
  • Reduced the working days at the Company’s head office to minimize the epidemic rate and to limit the moving of people regarding the safety, life and health of employees and visitors.
  • Arrange the online meetings including online training through the Microsoft TEAMS and Zoom Applications to reduce the risk of travelling and gathering at work.

Responsibility policy towards customers

The Company highly determines to develop and control its quality of products and services to meet the set standards. As a result, the dedicated unit has been established to serve as a customer contact center to receive and listen to any suggestions, or opinions from the customers to realize the problems and customers’ needs and brings them on to improve its products and services to maximize customers’ confidence and satisfaction.

Quality and safety of product

The Company places great importance to the quality and safety of its products and services to create better living and maximize the homebuyers and residents’ satisfactions by giving importance to the whole process from the beginning until delivering the quality project and houses to consumers to ensure the quality of products and services of Land and Houses’ brand.

In the process of product design, the Company emphasizes mainly on the research study on customer requirements and behaviors, which also includes the lifestyle of the consumers and their members and then use this information to define the proposition of the product design which will serve and fit with the requirements of the customers and their families. According to mass production design, the Company has set the operation check process to ensure the maximum efficiency and the most quality products delivered to the customers. The process includes the complete design examinations prior to the construction and is conducted by an integrated operation team comprising of construction, architects, interior decorators, quality control, and after sales service so that the products will meet all needs and requirements of the customers and deliver the utmost products without any defects.

Moreover, the Company has also conducted the research on the customers’ satisfactions in products and services. The Company has focused on the designing in a proactive manner by conducting the forward designs to support and prepare to be used as needed. These forward designs are to be modified after being used for a certain time so that they are always new and appropriate for the moment of time. In the designing process, the Company does not focus only on the design of the house but also pay attention to the design of the overall project environment, facilities, clubhouse, common garden, and the front of the project which can be considered as another outstanding feature that customers can clearly see the differences when compared to other projects in the market.

The Company strongly emphasizes the importance of product quality, particularly the products that will be delivered to the customers and has a clearly defined policy that “Every home must pass a quality control (QC) according to the company’s standards before being delivered to the customer”

Pre-built Homes Delivery Before Sale Policy

The Company delivers the pre-built homes with full landscapes, complete and ready to move in estate project so the customers can see the real house on the real plot of land and be able to select the house before making the decision to buy with no risks on buying but not getting the ones expected.

Consumer’s Benefits from Buying a Pre-Built Home

  1. Customers can see the real house on the real plot of land before buying and can compare with the selling price.
  2. Ready to use upon residing with the completions of shady environment, communal gardens, and clubhouses.
  3. Product warranty and after-sale services to facilitate the residents in house-checking during warranty period.
  4. Baan–Sabai is pre-built before sales thus allows customers to clearly determine the time of their relocation.
  5. The Company has set up a customer relations system to directly communicate with residents through the Company’s website or at the 1198 Call Center for home and condominiums’ complaints, home tips, online repair request and home service checking during insurance period.

Satisfaction in the Products and After-Sales Service

The Company emphasizes on the important of after sales service which is one of the quality policies that is the outstanding highlight of the Company. The Company is aware of taking care of the residents in various matters, especially the security and quality of living, the facilitations in problem reporting, a defined action plan to ensure the utility quality before delivery, and the establishment of the housing estate juristic person for the comforts and satisfactions of the residents.

The matters of having quality residences, obtaining after-sales services, and quick & thoroughly problem solving are the Company’s significant importance. The Company has set guidelines to create additional satisfaction for customers in having superior quality of life in living in the Land and Houses estate projects as follow:

  • Create the availability of communal areas for customers to use at the start of the project
  • Develop projects with the concepts of Convenience, Security and Safety
  • 24-hour communication system with the residents via website and Call Center
  • Organize activities to promote the relationships among the residents.
  • Provide training to security personnel (Area Supervisor) to be able to handle water and power emergencies on a basic basis immediately.
  • Provide professional moving service to every homeowner and the quality of service is assessed after completion.
  • Set service standards and train employees quarterly.

CRM-Customer Relationship Management and CEM-Customer Emotional Management

The Company has continuously developed the CRM-Customer Relationship Management and CEM-Customer Emotional Management and used as the recording and tracking the results of sales, marketing, customer satisfactions as well as collecting the number of complaints on the products and services. This allows the Company to reach the real needs of its customers and can create continuous activities with customer groups which result that more than 30% of the customers who buy the Company’ s houses are existing customers and their relatives.

The Company has established a system to monitor service quality and bring results to improve the quality of products and services every month. The customers’ complaints data are divided into 5 categories as follow:

  1. General Home Repair
  2. Well-Being in the Project
  3. Service
  4. Safety
  5. Others such as thank you letters, request for advice and assistance /help, etc.

The target is to reduce the complaints of the first 4 main categories which the overall number and proportions of complaint tend to decrease. (The number of complaints is related to the number of projects operated each year)

Number of complaints managed:

Type of complaints and ask for suggestions 2020 2021
Occurred Managed Occurred Managed
General home repair 224 224 309 309
Well-Being in the project and neighborhood 398 395 441 441
Service 93 93 18 18
Safety 56 55 76 76
Others 120 120 23 20
Total 891 887 867 864
Managed 99.11% 99.65%

Communication with the Residents

The Company has set the customer contacts to respond to the customer’s suggestions and opinions, their problems, and requirements. This information is used for improvements to create the customers’ confidence and maximize satisfaction.

Complaint channels are as follow:

  1. Service Center 1198, press 2 from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
  2. Report repair online: E-service 24 hours a day via
  3. Complaint channel at 24 hours a day
  4. Service offices in the projects.

In addition, the Company is also responsible for product defects. When the ownership of the land and buildings have been transferred to customers, the Company is still responsible for damage or defect according to the relevant regulations as follows:

  • Building structures including piles, foundations, columns, beams, floors, roof frames and load-bearing walls: guaranteed for 5 years from the date of the ownership transfer
  • Major equipment and fittings: 1 year warranty from the date of the ownership transfer
  • Fences and walls: 1 year warranty from the date of the ownership transfer (only cover for structural damage, excluding doors, fittings, slide rails, hinges, paint, and other rusted parts)

"To create a Livable Community and Society"

The Company recognizes the importance of quality of life for residing in the quality housing estates as well as being surrounded by quality communities and society. The Company has a policy to be responsible to the society and do no harms and negative impacts on society & community, and public interests.

In 2021, the Company has organized the development of the quality of life and participated with communities and society through various activities and projects as follows:

COVID-19 Mitigation for Construction Workers

  1. Build 29 worker camps to separate the infected and the uninfected
  2. Support food expenses during the shutdown of the construction camps
  3. Support the advanced money for the liquidity of the contractors
  4. Distribute ATK testing kits and Andrographis Paniculate Extract capsules to workers.
  5. Organize a project of vegetables and herbs planting at the camp sites

Scholarship for Employees’ Children

The Company grants the scholarships for children of operational level employees every year. In 2021, there was a total of 83 recipients and a total of 830,000 baht of scholarship granted.

Social Activities

Living Solution Expert Project

The Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the organization alliances of public and private sectors with the Secretary- General of the Vocational Education Commission, Office of Vocational Education Commission on November 21, 2020, to set up the “Excellent Center for Vocational Education in Construction” under “Living Solution Expert Project” to enhance and develop skill levels of vocational students in construction field. This project is the collaboration between the organizational alliances of public and private sectors which is the 2 consecutive year higher vocational curriculum at Dusit Technical College set in 2021 academic year, consisting of the higher vocational compulsory subjects, Fundamentals in Construction, Vocational Career subjects, and Entrepreneurship Management with a practical internship at the workplace for a period of 1 year. This course meets the present and future needs both theoretically and practically. This project is in line with the Ministry of Education’s approach to develop specific skills for students and can be able to work immediately after graduation. Vocational personnel are considered the main driving force in the economy and industry of the country.


The Company determines to be a part of helping Thailand to get through the COVID-19 Crisis

  • On May 12, 2021, the Company donated 900,000 Baht to 10 hospitals to fund the purchase of necessary medical tools and equipment to be used in the related medical procedures to treat the COVID-19 patients, namely Chulalongkorn Hospital, Phramongkutklao Hospital, Thammasat University Hospital, Siriraj Hospital, Ramathibodi Hospital, Rajvithi Hospital, Suan Dok Hospital, Chiang Mai, Luang Por Thaweesak Chutinuthara Uthit Hospital, Medical Office Bang Khun Thian Geriatric Hospital, and Chonprathan Medical Center.
  • Donated 100,000 Baht to the fight to COVID-19 volunteers, namely “Zen-Dai” and “We Will Get Through This Together”
  • Donated a total of 500 PPE suits and 200 fighting set boxes to “Zen Dai” and “We Will Get Through This Together” worth of 300,000 Baht. Each fighting set box contains medicines and medical supplies for self-care at home for those with mild symptoms that is ready to use which are thermometer, fingertip Pulse Oximeter, fever reducer pills, throat spray, Andrographis Paniculate Extract, expectorant pills, nasal decongestants, antihistamines, anti-emetics, red garbage bags, etc. PPE suits are for the use of handling risky and infected patients.
  • Donated paper boxes. On May 31, 2021, Land and Houses’ employees donated unused boxes and cartons to be passed on to Lotus’s SCGP “BOXES to BEDS” Project to be recycled to produce paper field hospital beds to fight COVID-19 . This was considered to help the field hospital to support patients from the severe COVID-19 outbreak.

Multi-Purpose Cloth Bag Project

  • Produced and sold multi-purpose cloth bags to the visiting customers at the projects as well as employees who wish to give to charity at a price of 250 Baht each. The sales income (non-deducting any expenses) will be donated to the poor patients at Siriraj Hospital. The Project has started on July 1, 2021 and payment can be made via the QR code and paid directly to the Siriraj Foundation. The accumulated donation amount at the end of 2021 was 421.000 Baht which the project is still ongoing in 2022.

Awards of Appreciation

Due to the Company’s focus on consumers and commitment to develop the quality of product, Land and Houses won the Trusted Brand Award for 8 consecutive years (during 2006-2013, the award ended in 2013) based on a consumer survey by Reader’s Digest magazine. The award measures consumers’ satisfactions in both Thailand and Asia in 6 areas:

  1. Creditability and Trust
  2. Quality
  3. Value
  4. Insights Understanding to Consumers’ Demand
  5. Creativity
  6. Social Responsibility. Land & Houses is the only property development brand that won the Platinum Award in Property Developer Sector.

In 2021, the Company won 3 major awards

1) BCI Asia Top 10 Developers Award 2021 from 3 projects namely The Key Rama 3 condominium, Siwalee Rasada, Phuket, and Mantana Phet Kasem-Sai 4. The BCI Asia Award is organized every year, now its 16th year, and held in 7 countries, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. Each year the BCI Asia Construction Information will select 10 outstanding projects which meet the standard judging criteria based on the highest total value of projects under construction during the past calendar year and the principles of continuous good project development efforts for potential sustainability and creditability to attract the investors to invest in the country and scoring criteria according to the various Green Certificate categories and Project Category score according to the criteria set by BCI Asia. The awards granted by BCI Asia Top 10 Developers Award 2021 is to honor outstanding architects, designers and real estate developer who are important to the driving of the economy of Thailand’s Construction Industry

2) Honor Award: Best Company of the Year 2021: Real Estate and Construction Sector. This award was organized by Money & Banking Journal on December 24, 2021. The Honorable Money & Banking Awards 2021 is at its 14th year to honor executives, banks, financial institutions, and listed companies with excellent performance in the year.

3) Honor Award Thailand’s Top Corporate Brands 2021, organized by the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University by Master of Science in Branding and Marketing Program. The award was given to the Company who has the highest corporate brand value in the real estate development sector in year 2021 with a total brand value of 45,040 million Baht and the Company has received this award for 3 consecutive years.