Corporate Governance Policy

Supervision of Subsidiaries and Associated Companies

With a full commitment to protecting the investment and supervising the operations of its subsidiaries and associates to comply with applicable laws, regulations, and procedures fully, efficiently and effectively under Company policies, the following mandatory measures are implemented.

  1. There shall be representatives from the Company to serve as directors of the boards of all subsidiaries and associates. The qualifications of representatives shall be thoroughly reviewed and approved for appropriateness for each subsidiary and associate by the Company’s Board of Directors.

  1. These representatives in subsidiaries and associates shall take full responsibility on the following :

    • Ensure that their responsible subsidiary and/or associate operates in line with the direction, strategic objectives and operating plan approved by the Company.
    • Attend the meetings and exercise voting rights accordingly in all key meetings of subsidiaries and/or associates.
    • Ensure that each subsidiary and/or associate has adequate efficiency and stringency of the internal control system and risk management system.
    • Make sure that each subsidiary and/or associate executes all activities in full compliance with regulatory controls and announcements of SET and SEC on transactions, acquisition and disposal of assets, and related-party transactions, as well as disclosure of financial positions, statements and performance, particularly on increase and decrease of capital, and liquidation of the subsidiary and/or associate.
  2. Notify the Company promptly in case where each subsidiary and/or associate shall disclose any financial transactions to SET in compliance with the regulatory control.