Trading partners

    The Company has set its business ethics as the policy guideline on appropriately treating to its trading partners. The selection of trading partners is based on the competitive among each partner on the equably and fairly basis which is in line with the corporate good governance. In the process of selecting trading partners, supplier and contractors, the Company offers opportunities to every party to enter the biddings process or to propose their price, which is carried out with transparency, fairness, frankness and in equitable way by setting the criteria to select trading partners and parties based on their qualifications, quality of work, experiences, business expertise, financial stability, past records & reputation, and ability to deliver the jobs on schedule for the utmost benefits of the Company. The Company always prepares clear agreements or contracts with its trading partners, without stipulating any unfair conditions. In purchasing goods and services from trading partners, the Company has complied with the condition and trading terms and fulfilled its commercial agreement, settle the payment for the goods and services according to the conditions which has been agreed, including building the good relationships for mutual benefits. In addition, a supply chain system has been adopted in goods procurement for the convenience and speedy process which then reduce costs and allows trading partners to prepare goods in advance.