The Company always considers that its employees are the major and significant element of its success so it has treated every employee indiscriminately and equally. They are entitled to receive appropriate and fair compensation and welfare. The remuneration is defined according to their duties and responsibilities and in line with the labor market’s mechanisms. It also in line with the Company’s operating results, both short term and long term. Incentives are taken into consideration to encourage employees to perform duties to their full knowledge and capabilities. Their performance is evaluated by supervisors and a portion of the compensation will be allocated as bonuses to the employees based on the operating results which take into account the sustainable growth of the Company.

    The Company provides the following welfare and benefits for their employees:

    • The Company has set up a provident fund for its employees to which the employees voluntarily contribute at the rate of 2-7% of their monthly salaries and the Company also contribute its portion at the rate of 5-7% of their employee’s monthly salaries. This registered provident fund is managed by a licensed fund manager, which is in compliance with the Act on Provident Funds B.E. 2542 (1999).
    • Group health-insurance policies are arranged for the employees and their legitimate spouses and children
    • Group life insurance policies are arranged for the employees with coverage is 500,000 to 1,500,000 baht depending on the terms of each policy.
    • Special deal discounts are provided to the employees who wish to purchase the Company’s products. To exercise the specific right, the employees must comply with the criteria and terms determined by the Company which the Human Resource Department and the Administration Department will verify their qualifications and calculate the discounts for them.
    • Other forms of assistance and welfare are:
      • Outpatient medical expense claims
      • Dental care claims
      • Annual physical checkup
      • Funeral hosting for the employees and their family members
      • Financial support for wedding ceremonies
      • Maternity gifts
      • Scholarships for employee’s children who meet the criteria set by the Company
      • Free uniforms for both male and female employees
      • Hand out the masks and cleansing gel to every employees
    • Additional support for employees as deemed appropriate and up to situation
    • Mental Development Program is held to improve the efficiency and pleasure in working space through meditation practice which is fundamental training for consciousness and spiritual exercise combined together with daily behavior practice both at work and at home. This project is provided to employees at all levels and is considered as a basic course to be used in their working.
    • Educational scholarships are awarded yearly to children of the employees at the operational level.
    • Master’s degree scholarships are awarded to executives to promote and support their learning and self-improvement to their maximum potential.
    • The awards from the Company in form of certificates and gold are given to the employees who has served 10, 20 and 30 years as a gesture of gratitude and to honor for their dedication.

    The Company has set up the Welfare Committee to represent the employees for the welfare negotiation with the Company. The committee will acts as an intermediary to relay the employees’ requirements to the Company and also assist in consulting, suggestion and supervising the benefits and welfare which the Company has arranged for them.

    Safety and sanitation in workplace

    The Company emphasizes the importance of maintenance, improvement and development the security and sanitation systems and the working environment, to ensure safety for life, health and property of the employees and for their good sanitation including to support and promote good culture and atmosphere at the workplace and also determines to develop human resources with knowledge and conscious mind about safety and sanitation by arrange the training courses on operational standards for construction supervision regularly for site engineers and related staff. The Company also encouraged staff at all levels to learn and aware of safety and working environment. Fire drills are held annually at the head office. Only authorized employees are allowed to enter to the office through finger-scanning system. Annual physical checkup is also provided each year. In 2020 there was no work break incurred from employee accidents from working.

    Policy on employee’s training and development

    The Company recognizes and foresees the importance of its personnel which truly affects the success of the Company’s business and always keeps in mind that in order to achieve its goals, the employees must be trained and developed systematically and continuously and it is not only the responsibility of the Company but also of every employees. The Company then provides opportunities for its employees to learn and develop themselves for growth in their career path, and at the same time, the employees must take their own responsibility for their own success by taking advantage of such opportunities from training and developing themselves with sincere commitment. Thus, to ensure that the training and development program is carried out in a same direction with the predetermined policy, the Company has set up the “Human Resource Development Center” to take responsible for all essential activities for such training and personnel development. The Company also set the following policy guidelines as follow :

    1. The Company regards the human resources as the most valuable assets over all management resources. All employees will be trained and developed systematically and continually to have knowledge, attitude and skill to perform tasks as needed to meet their job requirements so they can make progress in career paths, though the preparedness of each employee is also the key concerned.
    2. The Company views that all expenses regarding the training and human resource development are the Company’s investment in its personnel which is important for the efficient implementation to achieve the core missions and operating objectives while support the Company to timely keep up with rapid change in modern technologies used in the operations.
    3. The Company emphasizes the importance to the training projects on both Line and Function programs, either at the supervisory and executive level, including Special & Supporting programs, to prepare their employees to capable to perform their duties and responsibilities for both present position and for their future challenges and responsibilities.
    4. The Company is aware of the necessity of human resource training and development as a significant tools for Improvements. Therefore it promote and supports the organizing of trainings and seminars to solve any problems involving in the operations of each department and project groups.
    5. The Company recognizes that all levels of supervisors shall have an important role in training and developing their subordinates through On-the-job training and/or Coaching. So the evaluation of the supervisors will also take into consideration their capability to help improve and develop their subordinates.
    6. The Company shall support the cooperation with educational institutions and other organizations in the areas of training and development such as to cooperate for the job study program or internship and also engage in academic cooperation. These activities represent the Company’s Social Responsibility and also helps to enhance its good Corporate Image.

    For new employee, the Company holds an orientation on their first day at work so they are aware of the policies, regulations, rules and orders, as well as corporate structure and fundamental corporate culture including Company’s welfare and benefits. Each year, a New Friends seminar is held so that the new employees shall have a chance to know their colleagues, senior colleagues and executives, which will strengthen the good relationship among the employees, building engagement to the Company including how to work as a team.

    The Company consistently supports the skill and working competency development by organizing the training at all levels — including in-house training program, inviting experts to conduct training at the Company and sending employees for external training which also cover overseas training and oversea business visiting trip to enhance the potential, knowledge and capabilities of the employees in developing the organization to sustainable success. In 2020, the Company provided an average of 16 hours of training per employee per year.

    Besides the activities that enhancing the knowledge of employees, the Board of Directors has foreseen and recognized the importance of the skills that will enhance the potential of personnel to increase their efficiency from their creative thinking, thus the Board of directors has created the activity for all staff in every department in the headquarter to jointly participate the creative activity in the recreation room under the activity scheme “Meet & Greet @ The Skape”