The Company is highly determined to improve the quality of its products and services to meet acceptable standards. As a result, the Company set up a dedicated unit to serve as a customer contact center to receive and listen to any suggestions, or opinions from the customers in order to realize the problems and customers’ needs and brings them to improve its products and services to maximize customers’ confidence and satisfaction. The determination paid off when Land and Houses Plc. won the Trusted Brand Award for 8 consecutive years (2006-2013, the award ended in 2013) in a survey by Reader’s Digest magazine, the awards that measure the satisfaction of customers in both Asia and Thailand. In addition , in 2020 the Company also won significant awards for 2 projects which details can be found in the “Social Responsibility”, under “Responsibility to Consumers”

    Moreover, the Company also foresees and realizes the importance of confidentiality of personal information of every customers, so in 2020, the Company has hired the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Jaiyos Advisory Co., Ltd. to be a consultant for system implementation and policy on the security of personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2019 and has implemented the data security system and established the concise operational measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, use or alteration of customer information.