Corporate Governance Structure and the Scope of Authorities and Duties of the Committee

Roles and Duties of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

  1. Take responsibility as a leader of the Board of Directors to oversee, monitor and supervise the performance of the Board of Directors and other sub-committees to achieve the objectives as defined in business plans and conform with the Corporate good governance.
  2. Supervise to ensure that all directors have participated in the promotion to create the good corporate ethics and good corporate governance.
  3. Represent as Chairman of the Board at the Board’s meetings and Shareholders’ meetings by handle and manage the meetings to be in line with the Articles of Association, its agenda and allocate proper time for the meetings.
  4. Promote the independent and transparent expression of opinions in the meetings.
  5. Supervise to ensure efficient communication between directors and shareholders.
  6. Give the casting vote in the event the votes are tied at the Board of Directors’ meetings.