Corporate Governance Policy

Responsibility to stakeholders

The Company places importance on the rights of all groups of stakeholders, namely shareholders, employees and executives of the Company and its subsidiaries, customers, business partners, competitors, creditors, government sectors, joint ventures, society, communities and the environment, so as to ensure that the fundamental rights of these stakeholders are well protected and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the related law and rules including the Company has set a framework for ethical behavior and business ethics which has been published through the Company’s website and will not do anything that violates the right of stakeholders. All these are considered an important part in building the long-term success of the Company.

The Company emphasizes great importance to the shareholders by complying with the principles of good corporate governance, adherence to the performance of duties with honesty, actions and decisions with due diligence and in accordance with relevant legal requirements, giving importance to the rights of shareholders such as the right to receive complete, accurate and timely information of the Company, right to receive dividends, right to vote, right to appoint a proxy, rights in the shareholders’ meeting, right to vote on important Company matters etc.

The Company strictly respects human rights principles by taking into account equality, personal freedom, does not discriminate on race, nationality, language, religion, gender, age, education and political opinions including not supporting any actions that violates international human rights. The Company has taken care and fair treatment in various aspects for employees such as determining compensation in accordance with the level of responsibility and according to the labor market price mechanism. Providing welfare in various fields, establishment of employee safety and sanitation policy, continuous promotion and development of employees’ potential including the establishment of a welfare committee to represent the employees to discuss with the Company on the matters related to employee’s welfare.

The Company delivers quality products and services with fair price. There are advertisements or information which are accurate, complete, straightforward and strictly comply with the terms and conditions of contracts with customers. Moreover, the Company has set up the unit to contact, listen to suggestions or comments from the customers to know their problems and any requirements to develop and improve, to build confidence and maximum satisfaction including the determination to develop new technologies and innovations continuously to create convenience, comfort and safety for customers.

The Company treats its partners appropriately. The selection of the business partners will be based on equal and fair competition between each partner. The Company has given the opportunity to partners, sellers, contractors to bid on the work, offer the contract price, product prices with transparency, honesty, openness and fairness to all business partners. There are criteria for selecting partners and contractual parties by considering qualifications, quality of work, past performance, experience, expertise in the business, stable financial condition, no history of abandonment of work, and ability to deliver work as scheduled for the best benefit of the Company. The Company shall then make an agreement or clearly contract with partners without any unfair conditions which are imposed on business partners.

The Company does not act in violations of the terms of the agreement, no concealment or facts that will cause damage to the creditors. The Company manages its loan in accordance with its objectives of loans, does not use the fund in such a way that may cause damage to the Company and control the repayment of loans and interests to be on time and fully comply with the borrowing conditions under the agreement.

The Company emphasizes on ethical conduct in accordance with the rules of competition with professionalism and transparency under the legal framework. Not infringing on the confidentiality or knowing the trading secrets of competitors by fraudulent means and adhere to the policies and treatment of competitors as stated in the Business Ethics Manual.

The Company has always been aware of its social, community and environmental responsibilities which is embedded in the main business process since the product design, the proper selection of materials and resources, quality control pf products and services, delivery time, develop the products for residents to have a better quality of life including strictly comply with the guidelines to reduce the impacts in the environmental impact report. In addition, the Company also operates and complies with the relevant laws including promoting the efficient use of resources and has continually organized various projects and activities for the social community.