Corporate Governance Policy

Prevention of use of inside information

The Company has a clear policy regarding the proper use of authority through several channels including good corporate governance, Company’s Code of Conduct, various announcements from the Office of SEC or related agencies, internal communication, organizational culture, etc. so that employees at all levels are aware of the equal treatment of shareholders without seeking benefits from the inside information.

The Company has established measures to prevent the use of inside information for the benefit of directors and executives by informing everyone of their roles and obligations to report their securities holdings, their spouses and minor children who hold the Company’s securities and acknowledge the preparation of a report on the change of securities holding every time there is a purchase, sale, transfer or acceptance of transfer of securities within 3 business days after the date of purchase, sale, transfer or acceptance of transfer of securities as prescribed by the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission and must copy the above report to the Company’s Secretary to collect and propose to the Board of Directors’ meeting every time which is set as the agenda for the meeting to acknowledge the report of securities holding.

In the past year 2021, the Board of Directors and executives have been strictly followed the abovementioned rules so there was no cases of violation or non-compliance with insider trading rules.