Corporate Governance Policy

Privacy Policy

The Company has recognized the importance of personal data protection and complies with the laws and personal data protection rules according to the Personal Data Protection Act. B.E. 2562 (“Personal Data Protection Act”), the Company has then taken the following actions :

  1. Prepare the personal data protection policy and regulations on the protection of personal data. This sets out the procedures for personal data concerning matters such as collecting, using or disclosing personal data, rights of the data owner, the deletion or destruction of the data and handling of the personal data breach incidents, etc.
  2. Appoint the Senior Manager of Information Technology Department Serves as the Company’s Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO) with a group of 12 personal protection working groups from various departments throughout the organization.
  3. Determine the roles, duties and responsibility of the Personal Data Protection Officer which is primarily responsible for managing and supervising employees regarding the protection of personal information of the Company to comply with the personal data protection policies and procedures and is a guide for decision-making on personal data protection such as compliance with the rights of data subjects, dealing with the personal data breach incidents etc. as well as strengthening the corporate culture of personal data protection, representing the Company in liaising with the Office of the Personal Data Protection Commission.
  4. The regulations are reviewed and revised once a year or when there is a significant change in order to comply with relevant laws and to be up-to-date.
  5. Determine the penalties if there is a violation. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations set by the company will be disciplinary sanctions include warnings, threaten with punishment, suspensions, terminations and possible legal action.

In addition, the Company provides knowledge and understanding of information security to the head of staff in each department including the Company has prepared a Non-disclosure agreement for all employees to know and sign the contract so as to encourage employees to be aware of and strictly comply with non-disclosure agreements to prevent the leakage of various Company information to unrelated third parties.