Business Ethics

Guidelines of the Board of Directors

Management is involved with many groups of people such as shareholders, employees, customers, business partners, competitors and society. So the Company has set the framework as a guideline for the executives as follows :

Management’s treatment to shareholders

  • Perform their duties with honesty, care and professional conduct.
  • Do not seek benefit for themselves and related persons from the organization’s information which has not yet been disclosed to the public.
  • Do not disclose corporate confidential information to any outsiders.
  • Do not take any action which may cause the conflicts of interest to the organization.

Management’s treatment to employees

  • Treat employees fairly in regards to compensation.
  • Treat employees in terms of safety in life and property.
  • Treat employees with honesty in the matter that is benefit or penalty.
  • Treat employees with politeness.
  • Listen to comments and suggestions rationally.
  • Emphasize the employees to understand the code of conduct which employees can perform.
  • Encourage employees to receive additional training in related fields to their work.

Management’s treatment to customers

  • Treat customers fairly in terms of products and services.
  • Disclose of information of products and services accurately and completely.
  • Allowing the customers to complain about the imperfections of products or services.
  • Take customer confidentiality seriously in order not to cause any damage or annoyance to customers.
  • Comply with the terms and conditions with customers fairly.
  • In such case that unable to comply with the terms or conditions, should immediately notify the customers to find a solution together.

Management’s treatment to Business partner

  • Do not claim or receive any benefits unfairness from the partners.
  • Comply with various conditions towards partners fairly.
  • If in case that unable to comply with any of conditions, should notify the business partner in advance to jointly find solutions.

Management’s treatment to competitors

  • Behave within the framework of good competition rules.
  • Do not seek for any confidential information of trade competitors by dishonest means.

Management’s treatment to society

  • Do not do anything that will adversely affect the environment beyond the law.
  • Operate or control to comply with the spirit of laws and regulations.