Business Ethics

Employee’s Guidelines

  • Perform duties with honesty and patience.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of customers and business partners in good faith.
  • Pay attention to the organization in keeping the environment clean and safe.
  • Strictly comply with the rules, regulations and announcement of the organization.
  • Notify the relevant units in the Company if any action is found wrongly happened.
  • Fair maintenance of equipment or assets or interests of the organization.
  • Maintain and co-create unity and solidarity among employees.
  • Paying serious attention to activities that will enhance the quality, efficiency and development of the organization.
  • Do not defame the organization or executives or other employees without facts.
  • Do not take any action that may cause conflicts of interest to the organization.
  • Do not encourage or support any person to act against the organization to gain commercial benefits for themselves or their friends.
  • Do not bring any weapons or dangerous objects or any illegal things into the work area.
  • Avoid accepting any gifts that make you feel uncomfortable with your duties in the future. If it is unavoidable and you feel uncomfortable, immediately report to the supervisor in the hierarchy and request to be received only during important festivals such as New Year festival.

In conclusion, the Company has set the penalties if the employee acts in a way that causes a conflict of interest with the business by consider according to the organization structure of the Company by allowing the Head of the department to consider at the first step, then summarized the story and submit to a high-level commander and other related business lines in order to determine the offense and specify the appropriate punishment. But if the conflict of interest is severe and causes a lot of damage, thus it may not be in the diagnosis of the unit then it should be brought to the management of the Company to consider finding a conclusion and determine the final penalty.