Self-evaluation of the Board of Directors

    The Company has a policy to arrange an annual self-assessment for each director to allow them to consider and review their performances and identify all issues and obstacles in the past year which will increase the effectiveness of the directors and is conformed with good corporate governance.

    The Company secretary shall send the Board of Directors assessment forms to all members so they can assess their performances during the past year both collectively and individually. When the forms were completed, they will be sent back to the company secretary who then compiles the results of each member, and analyzes the performance assessment of the Board of Directors during the year. The company secretary will then submit the results to the Board of Directors for consideration in order to achieve the aforementioned objectives. In 2020, at the Board meeting 10/2020 on December 22, 2020. The Board meeting has been evaluated their performance. The assessment criterion are calculated as percentage in each area. Scores above 85 are considered “Excellent”,75-85 “Good”,65-75 “Moderately Good”,50-65 “Average” and “Needs Improvements” for scores below 50.

    • The assessment of performance on a collective basis. The areas to be assessed are:
      • - Structure and qualifications of the Board of directors
      • - Roles, duties and responsibilities of the Board
      • - Board Meetings
      • - Performances duties of directors
      • - Relationship with management
      • - Self-development of directors and development of executives
    • The assessment of performance on an individual basis. The areas to be assessed are:
      • - Preparedness of the director
      • - Determination of strategies and business plan
      • - Risk management and internal control
      • - Supervision to prevent conflicts of interest
      • - Monitoring on financial and operational reports
      • - Board meetings
      • - Others

    Performance assessment of subcommittees

    Each year, the Board of Directors shall assess the performance of subcommittees such as the Audit Committee and Nomination and Compensation committee by evaluating as a committee in group. The evaluation is the same as the one used to evaluate the directors to the Board for the purpose of using as the framework for the performance evaluation during the past year which will be used to resolve and increase the efficiency in working. The evaluation will be submitted to the Board of Directors for acknowledgment.