Development of directors and executives

    The Board of Directors emphasizes great importance of the development of directors by sending directors to attend training courses related to the development of knowledge and ability to perform director duties of the Thai Institute of Directors and other institutions continuously to help them develop themselves and learn new useful ideas to appliy to the business of the company. In 2020, the Company is aware of the risks and impacts that may occur on the organization, therefore, the focus is on personal information protection training for company directors and executives in order to protect personal information in accordance with the law and with the most efficiency.

    The Company has a policy to continuously develop the potential of the personnel to enhance knowledge and ability to keep pace with the competitive business all the time. The Company has arranged for executives to attend both internal and to external training courses, including meditation training and lecture sessions. In addition, the Company has sent its 2 executives to study long-term programs such as business administration courses – Master’s degree - Executive MBA.