Corporate Governance Policy

Development of Directors and Executives

  • Orientation of new directors

    The Company realizes the importance of performing duties of new directors, therefore, there is an introduction to the overall guidelines of the Company, structure of subsidiaries, associated companies and other related business companies, to understand both how they work and the shareholding between them. In addition, it also provides the significant and necessary information needed for the performance of duties of directors such as Board of Directors’ charter, structure of working within the Company, Articles of Association, Company’s objectives, business ethics of the Board of Directors, Good Corporate Governance policy, Related law, Financial Statements including Notes to financial statements and also organizing the meeting with the Chairman of the Board, the Board of Directors, Sub-committees of the Company to receive information about the Company’s business operations.

  • Development and training of directors and management

    The Board of Directors emphasizes on the development of the directors by sending the directors to attend training courses which related to the development of knowledge and ability to perform the duties of directors such as the Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD), the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the Thai Listed Companies Association and other institutions continuously, including sending the executives to study various long-term projects to develop the directors and increase useful ideas to apply to the Company’s business and enhance knowledge and skills to keep up with the competitive business including regular training both inhouse and outside the Company’s training institutes.