Performance of the Committee

Development of Directors and Executives

The Company has a policy to develop its personnel potential continuously in order to enhance knowledge and ability to keep up with the ongoing competitive business. In 2021, the Company has sent 3 executives to study long-term projects such as Master in Business Administration Courses, Executive MBA and Master of Public Administration Program, Members of the Committee were lecturers to provide knowledge and receive training courses as follows :

  • Mr. Naporn Sunthornchitcharoen as a speaker for the council of Engineers to describe the topic of “Opportunities and challenges of medium-sized contractors and private sector work” on December 8, 2021 via electronic media.
  • Mr. Watcharin Kasinrerk attended the course “Successful Formulation & Execution of Strategy (SFE)” No. 35 - 2021 organized by IOD during June 24 - 25, 2021 through electronic media and is a special lecturer in lectures subject “Brand Strategy” to the master degree program in Marketing, Chiang Mai University on January 23, 2021 via electronic media.