Business Value Chain and Stakeholders Impact Management

    The Company operates the real estate development business by developing single detached house, townhouse, and condominium. To deliver sustainable values to all stakeholders, the Company hence establishes the main activities as the business value chain as follows

    Land Acquisition and Funding
    • Feasibility study of project development
    • Potential and non-dispute land locations
    • Transparent & fair trading
    • Provide source funding
    • Target survey
    • Competitors Analysis
    Project Design
    • Human Centric design to meet the consumers’ needs
    • Design products that focus on environmental protection
    • Select quality materials
    • Comply with government regulations
    • Equal, transparent, and fair procurement process and criteria
    Sales and Marketing
    • Customer satisfaction survey
    • Protect customer information and privacy
    • Communicate and provide complete and accurate information of products and services
    • Promotion and marketing activities
    • Tools / Marketing Communication Channels
    • Channels to receive opinions and suggestions on products and services.
    • Fair procurement
    • Process and criteria for selecting contractors and suppliers
    • Select quality construction materials which are environmentally friendly
    • Inspect and control quality of constructions and products to meet the standards
    • Use resources efficiently. Reduce the environment impacts
    • Comply with government’s rules and regulations
    • Preserve the environment, not affecting the surrounding community and society
    Delivery and Transfer of Ownership
    • Facilitate customers in loan request from financial institutions.
    • Inspection and acceptance of the products performed by customers
    • Ownership transfer
    After-sales Service
    • Protect customer information and privacy
    • Product warranty and home inspection system within insurance period
    • Customer relations / communication system
    • Call Center, Any Complaint to communicate and receive complaints
    • Juristic Person Establishment Process

    The Company has established guidelines to meet expectations and engagement of all stakeholders as follows:

    Stakeholders Expectations of stakeholders Communication Channels Response to expectations
    • Fair and equitable treatment without any discrimination
    • Appropriate compensation and welfare
    • Career stability and advancement
    • Potential development and learning
    • Advancement in career path
    • Potential development
    • Monetary and non-monetary welfare
    • Equalities, non-discrimination
    • Promotion occupational safety and health
    • Fair and equal treatment and respect for human rights
    • Communicate business goals and policies through the CEO Message meeting once a year
    • Annual performance appraisal
    • Employee development and promotion
    • Employee training with an average of not less than 16 hours/ person/ year
    • Benefits for employees both monetary and non-monetary
    • Consistent income growth
    • Good corporate governance and adherence to good corporate principles, transparent, and verifiable management
    • Risk Management System
    • Reasonable return on investment
    • Annual report
    • Annual shareholders’ meeting once a year
    • Investors and Analyst meeting once a quarter
    • Communicate company news and information regularly via online channels: Website, Facebook, Line, IG
    • Information disclosure in annual report
    • Explanation of operating results through the Company and the Stock Exchange of Thailand websites
    • Paying reasonable dividends
    • Create the communication and inquiries via website and email
    • Receive products and services which consider the responsibility and rights of consumers
    • Research and develop products that meet the requirements of consumers
    • Satisfied with quality of products and services which meet the standards
    • Protect customer privacy
    • Communicate company news and information to customers regularly via online channels: Website, Facebook, Line, and IG
    • Deal with complaints quickly and efficiently
    • Communicate product information, activities, and benefits to customers on an ongoing basis
    • CRM- Customer Relationship Management
    • Protect customer data and confidentiality
    • Fair and non-discriminatory procurement
    • Efficient, transparent, and verifiable procurement system
    • Fair and non-discriminatory competition
    • Efficient, transparent, and verifiable procurement system
    • Regular meeting with business partners
    • Policies and procedures regarding the procurement
    • Develop suppliers / partners to have good practices such as business ethics and anti- corruption policies
    Society, Community and Environment
    • Social & community and environmental responsibility
    • Conduct business that does not negatively impact the community
    • Care for the environment around the community
    • Explore and understand the community
    • Open to the educational institutions for the project visit to learn about real estate development business throughout the year
    • Create activities with the community
    • Collaborate with education sectors / institutions / partners in bilateral education and internship
    • Develop innovative products and services that improve the quality of life, conserve and preserve the environment
    • Improve the work processes that have less impact and are environmentally friendly by controlling pollution, garbage, waste and using water and energy cost-effectively
    • Improve the environment both inside and outside the project to be clean and add more green areas
    • Share and provide knowledge to the institutions, agencies, and organizations.
    • Use natural substitute materials to conserve and be environmentally friendly
    • Continuously coordinate with the educational sectors / institutions in the Internship / Bilateral Student Projects
    Government Sector
    • Strictly comply with laws and regulations
    • Compliance with regulations, rules, laws, and policies of regulatory institutions
    • Participate in government agencies’ activities and projects on an ongoing basis
    • Report business performance and provide truthful, accurate and complete information as required
    • Cooperate and support various projects of government agencies
    • Comply with all applicable tax management laws
    Financial Institutions
    • Repayment as conditions and terms
    • Operate business as target and investment plans
    • Repayment as terms and conditions
    • Manage the Company’s performance under appropriate risk management
    • Execute the investment plan
    • Fair competitions
    • Company’s business information
    • Market share
    • Conduct business with transparency and fairness
    • Joint meeting through related associations, business organizations in accordance with appropriate agenda and opportunities
    • Channels for receiving suggestions, opinions, and complaints through the Company’s complaints system regularly throughout the year.
    • Disclosure the Company’s operations on the Company and the Stock Exchange of Thailand websites
    • Create fair business competition conditions
    • Promote free trade competition without monopoly