Roles of Stakeholders


The Company regards its employees as a major element of its success and has treated them indiscriminately and equally. They are entitled appropriate and fair compensation and welfare. They are entitled to medical welfare, health insurance, annual health checkup and vacations to strengthen a good teamwork relationship. Besides, the Company supports the development of skills and competencies regularly, providing them with all levels of training courses and observation tours both at home and abroad to enhance their potential in improving the organization. Apart from these projects, the Company provides other forms of welfare as follows:

  • The Company awards educational scholarships to the children of the employees at the operating level every year.
  • The Company awards master's degree scholarships to the executives to promote and support their learning and self-improvement to their maximum potential.
  • Certificates and gold are given every year to the employees who have served 10, 20 and 30 years as a gesture of gratitude and to honor dedicated staff.