Roles of Stakeholders

Communities and the society

The Company always recognizes its responsibilities towards the environment of communities and the society and has therefore regularly organized various activities for the society. In 2017, it held the following social activities:

  • Society activity “Donation to Faculty of Medicine, Burapa University”
    On November 21, 2017, the Company has donated a fund of 940,000 Baht to Faculty of Medicine, Burapa University for the purchase of Dialysis machine which was part of solving the shortage of medical tools and equipment.
  • Community Activity “Reforestation Volunteer Activity for the Community”
    On February 9, 2017, Vice President, Service & Customer Relations Department and the staff went to an afforestation at Ban Kao Yai Tiang, Klong Pai, Sikhui District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The activity was to encourage the conscious of responsibilities and contribution to community including Natural reserve which is one of the activities that the Company has arranged continuously as part of the social responsibility.
  • Scholarships for children and rewards for good workers
    Scholarships are given every year to help support education for the children of construction workers in all of the Company’s projects and to reward hard-working workers. In 2017, 253 scholarships were given.

Furthermore, the Company has made it its policy to protect all groups of its stakeholders by putting in practice a procedure for tip-offs and a mechanism to protect informants. It is open to complaints, recommendations and opinions, as well as behaviors that border on corruption or malfeasance of people in the organization including its employees and other stakeholders. The Company is well aware of the importance of the confidentiality of the information and disclosures are allowed only on the need-to-know basis to assigned sections to give the complainants confidence about the confidentiality of their information. All stakeholders may submit complaints directly to the chairman of the Audit Committee through the following channels:

  • E-mail :
  • Mail to "Chairman of the Audit Committee, 1 Q House Lumpini, 37th-38th floors, South Satorn Road, Tung Mahamek, Satorn, Bangkok 10120".