Rights of Shareholders

In recognition of the importance of shareholders' meetings,

The Company called the meeting at the place and time most convenient for the shareholders to attend. Appropriate and ample time was also allocated. As a result, the Company held the meeting at its head office at 1 Satorn Road, Thung Mahamek sub-district, Satorn district, Bangkok, which is located near the Lumpini subway station, a convenient location with easy access by bus, the BTS skytrain and the MRT subway. The meeting was also scheduled during normal working hours.

On the meeting date, the Company asked the shareholders to register at least one hour in advance and assigned registration officials to provide convenience for the attending shareholders and proxies. A computer registration program with the ability to search shareholders by name, family name or identification number was also deployed to speed up the registration process. The shareholders would then receive a voting ticket for each agenda item. Vote counting was also done electronically by using barcode readers on the voting tickets, making vote-counting accurate and speedy whereby the shareholders could view the result of each agenda item immediately after casting the votes.

At the shareholders' meeting, the Chairman of the Board of Directors acted as the chairman of the meeting. The chairmen of the sub-committees and directors also attended the meeting. The chairman of the meeting then explained the voting method,the vote-counting procedure, and the use of voting tickets and the disclosure of the vote-counting result for each agenda item to ensure transparency. The shareholders were also given an equal opportunity to express their opinions and proposals and to ask questions. They were also given comprehensive information and ample time for debates. Since 2009, the Board of Directors resolved to give the shareholders a chance to send questions to them ahead of the meeting.

The 1/2017 ordinary shareholders' meeting was attended by 1,094 shareholders and proxies, representing 6,588,818,601 shares, or 55.3983%, more than one third of all 11,893,544,146 shares. Mr. Anant Asavabhokhin acted as the chairman of the meeting and Mr. Nantawat Pipatwongkasem acted as the secretary of the meeting. Eight of the directors attended the meeting. They were:

1. Mr. Anant Asavabhokhin
Chairman of the Board of Directors

2. Mr. Pakhawat Kovithvathanaphong
Independent Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee

3. Mr. Piphob Veeraphong
Independent Director, Audit Committee and Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee

4. Mr. Bundit Pitaksit
Independent Director, Chairman of the Risk Management Committee and Audit Committee
5. Mr. Naporn Sunthornchitcharoen
Director and Managing Director (Operation executives)

6. Mr. Adisorn Thananun-narapool
Director and Managing Director (Support executives)

7. Mr. Chalerm Kiettitanabumroong
Director, Senior Executive Vice President and Risk Management Committee

8. Mr. Nantawat Pipatwongkasem
Director, Risk Management Director and Secretary to the Board of the Directors