Equitable Treatment of Shareholders

Supervision of the use of insider information

The Company has a clear policy on appropriate use of power through several channels such as good corporate governance, corporate ethics, announcements of the Security and Exchange Commission and related agencies, corporate culture, etc. so that employees of all levels recognize the importance of equal treatment of shareholders without exploiting insider information.

Reporting of shareholding

The Company has set a measure to prevent the use of insider information by its directors and executives to seek personal gains by informing them of their duty to report the holding of the Company’s shares of them and their spouses and children who have not come of age. They have also been made aware of the requirement by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Stock Exchange of Thailand to report changes in their holdings every time they buy, sell, transfer of accept the share transfers within 3 days after the transaction dates. Each time, they must also send copies to the company secretary to be submitted to Board of Directors meetings, of which an agenda item is shareholding acknowledgement.

Reporting of conflicts of interest

The Company has required its directors and executives submit reports on their conflicts of interest, as well as those of their connected persons, if they involve the management of the Company or its subsidiaries. The first reports based on a form must be submitted to the company secretary within 30 days after they have been appointed directors or executives. They need to be submitted again within 30 days after changes occur. The company secretary shall send copies to the chairmen of the Executive Board and the Audit Committee in compliance with the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Stock Exchange of Thailand.