Disclosure and Transparency

Corporate Governance : Disclosure and Transparency

The Company awares of the importance of the adequacy, accuracy, inclusively, timely and transparency of disclosure, thus the Company publishes its important information both financial and non-financial data on the websites of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) at www.set.or.th and the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) at www.sec.or.th according to the criteria set by the SET and SEC. In addition, the information that has been made public and known to its stakeholders is also made available at the Company’s website at www.lh.co.th which will be updated regularly to ensure that all interest parties can have timely and up-to-date news and information for their utmost benefits.

Furthermore, the Company recognizes the importance of maintaining good relationships with shareholders, general investors and stock analysts, It therefore made clear that the disclosure of its information to the investors, both existing and potential ones, is within the authority of the president, who has been assigned as Chief Investor Relations Officer. It also set up an investor relations unit to represent the Company in communication with shareholders, investors and stock analysts. The Investor Relations Office can be contacted at Tel: 0-2230-8306 e-mail address: investor@lh.co.th

From 2015 to 2017, the Company’s high-level executives, along with the Investor Relations Office, disclosed information to shareholders, investors and stock analysts several times as follows:

  2015 2016 2017
Domestic, international road shows 7 10 6
Analyst Meeting 5 5 5
Company Visit 57 52 54
Conference Call 8 9 7